ABI DragMaster - Components
(Full-Loaded Configuration)
The Dragmaster's independently-adjustable ground-engaging components can be precision-adjusted from the frame for ultimate control! After the hydraulic leveling and grading blade creates a level traveling surface, the adjustable grooming rods, scarifiers, profile blade, and drag bars systematically pulverize, re-grade and loosen the footing, reinforce the base, and create the ideally-cushioned footing profile!
Hydraulic Grading & Leveling Blade Hydraulic Grading & Leveling Blade

Maintain Consistent Footing Depth

The first adjustable component is the hydraulic grading & leveling blade. Used to maintain consistent footing depth and equalize high and low areas across the arena. Level your arena automatically with the optional laser system!
Hydraulic Grading & Leveling Blade
Adjustable Grooming Rods Adjustable Grooming Rods

Loosen Material & Incorporate Water

The 2 rows of adjustable grooming rods are the first components to loosen material, and are designed to incorporate the Dragmaster's water into the footing.
Adjustable Grooming Rods
Hydraulic Scarifier System Hydraulic Scarifier System

Break Up The Hardest Compacted Material

The Dragmaster's available hydraulic scarifier bar breaks up the hardest compacted material for when an arena sees heavy use or hasn't been properly loosened for a time. The bar is independently adjustable from the rest of the components, enabling them to be engaged or disengaged easily. The replaceable tips are made from a hardened, wear-resistant steel.
Hydraulic Scarifier System
Profile Blades Profile Blades

Slice Through Material From The Bottom Up

The patented Profile Blades of the Dragmaster can loosen 100% of the arena footing with every pass! No longer does an operator have to make multiple passes to loosen all the footing. The Profile Blades slice through material from the bottom up, not the top down. This eliminates all ridges in the footing, allowing the footfall of the horse to be flat and perfect every time!
Profile Blades
Finish Drag Bars Finish Drag Bars

Leave A Signature Finish

The Drag bars of the Dragmaster are designed to leave a signature finish while filling in any remaining small holes. These bars can be adjusted to apply the perfect amount of pressure to the footing depending on the footing consistency and moisture level.
Finish Drag Bars
300-500 Gallon PTO Water System 1136-1893 Liter PTO Water System

Regulate The Amount Of Water In Your Footing

The available PTO watering system regulates the amount of water in your footing, which is critical to its strength, cushion, and rebound, not to mention dust control! The Dragmaster has the largest watering system available on any arena drag in the world. The variable-output PTO-driven pump allows precision control from the tractor seat, making a perfect water application easy! 1136 or 1893 Liter size. For facilities with another arena moisture solution (water trailer, sprinklers, etc.), the Dragmaster can now be fitted without a water system from the factory!
300-500 Gallon PTO Water System
Optional Equipment

Rail Blade
Rail Blade
Every arena experiences footing displacement, especially ones that have heavy use. The rail blade rides along the edge of your arena and guides footing back into the path of the hydraulic leveling blade for even distribution across the arena!
Rail Blade

Spray Hose
Spray Hose
The Dragmaster's spray hose helps provide the extra polish and "finish factor" to arenas. Use it to clean panels and fencing, wash down your tractor and drag, or apply water to hard-to-reach areas like corners and entry areas. Long enough to be safely operated from the tractor seat!
Spray Hose

Laser System
Laser System
Take all of the guess work out of grading your arena! The optional laser system ensures perfectly-consistent footing depth from one end of the arena to the other. Optional laser packages are specially configured to provide everything needed to maintain a level grade & consistent footing depth.
Laser System

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