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Best-Selling Professional-Quality Arena Drag

The patented TR3® Rake is America's favorite arena drag and is the best selling professional quality arena drag on the market. Many of the industry's top horsemen use and recommend the TR3® Rake for any equine discipline. The secret to the TR3® Rake's success is its effectiveness, durability, versatility & ease of use. Anyone who is of age and properly trained to operate a tractor may use the TR3® Rake. The exclusive patented drag bar will auto level the arena while the operator drives. No hydraulic adjustments needed; the TR3® Rake does all the work.


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arena drag tank tough patented design

Patented "Tank Tough" Design:

The TR3® Rake is truly the most versatile 3-point ground preparation tool on the market. It was invented by Kevin Keigley to combine multiple tools into one. Not only does the TR3 do the job of multiple tools but it can do them all at the same time due to its innovative angle. This design allows three ground engaging components to work the soil all at the same time to level, loosen & rake on every pass! This design holds two U.S patents. The TR3 had it's birth in the commercial landscaping business so it was designed to handle hours of daily use with minimal to no down time. We like to say the TR3 is "Tank Tough" as it will power through the most demanding of jobs. From horse arenas, gravel driveways & commercial contractor applications, the TR3 is battle tested and shows up for work everyday. For most of our customers it never leaves the back of their tractor!
auto level

Auto Leveling Blade:

Even though many competitors claim they have a leveling or grading blade, the reality is they don't. Simply smoothing out hoof prints will never bring an arena back to grade. A tool must have the ability to move dirt from one part of the arena to another to claim it can level an arena. Many drags can smooth, few can actually level. Unlike the competition, the TR3 has a significant ground engaging blade capable of moving a significant amount of material if needed. Not only that, it has an industry exclusive patent that enables the TR3's leveling blade to "float", when desired, to auto level the arena. In the floating position this blade will catch high areas and drop that material into lower areas automatically. If the arena is already level it will not dig holes or create high spots. This means, in an undamaged arena, no skill is required to achieve or maintain a level grade. The news gets even better! The leveling blade may also be locked down to act like a box blade for rough grading and spreading material. This enables the TR3 to not only maintain an already level arena in great condition but also renovate an arena filled with waves and inconsistent footing. The TR3 Rake is the only 3-point tractor tool in the world that can do all this in one tool.
arena drag Scarifiers

Adjustable Scarifiers:

The scarifying teeth loosen the ground to eliminate hard spots and easily penetrate compacted arena footing. The depth of these teeth are controlled by the gauge wheels to protect the base of the arena. Many equine disciplines require different footing depths and every footing material is different. To account for this the TR3's teeth are adjustable from 0 - 17.8cm to enable the perfect amount of aggressiveness and loosening depth. The TR3 is not only limited to the horse arena. If fact, because the teeth are "fixed", not spring loaded, they make breaking up hard pan soil or gravel a breeze. Many customer use the TR3 on gravel driveways, for landscaping applications and many more jobs around the farm. The tips are replaceable for easy maintenance.
replace tips

Bolt On Scarifier Tips:

The scarifying teeth can handle nearly any ground condition from horse arenas to gravel driveways. Unlike many drags, the TR3 has replaceable bolt on tips on the scarifying teeth. This feature not only ensures affordable and easy maintenance, of this wear part, but it also ensures peak ground penetration no matter the ground condition. If the tips wears to the point that performance is diminished simply replace them and restore the performance to like new! Many competitive drags require the owner to grind off the worn parts and weld on new ones.
arena drag rake

1.9cm Hardened Steel Finish Rake:

The final point of contact with the ground is the finishing rake. This rake is made of 1.9cm thick hardened steel for long life and is replaceable in 0.3m sections. The purpose of the finish rake is to pulverize and break up clumps of material and leave a beautifully smooth signature finish behind. But that is not all, the rake also enables the user to push backwards to move dirt into dug out roping boxes and jumps! Additionally, push backward outside of the arena to slice through the ground, like a knife, to rip out vegetation or move material to fill in washouts and accomplish other light land clearing jobs. When driving forward, the design of the rake effectively grooms the material, but does not over compact it, leaving an ideally prepared surface for horse arenas and landscaping seedbeds.

Foam Filled Stabilizing Wheel:

All 3-point tractor implements move in the opposite direction of the front tires of the tractor. If the front tires of the tractor go up the 3-point goes down. This causes most 3-point implements to dig holes and cause waves in horse arenas. This problem is solved with the "never flat" stabilizing wheels. These wheels prevent the TR3 Rake from undulating with the tractors front tires, keeping the scarifying teeth from loosening any deeper than they are set and preventing the leveling blade from digging holes. The wheels control the depth of the loosening action, create consistent level travel to eliminate wash boarding and eliminates gouging and stalling of the tractor while pushing backward by supporting the frame. Additionally, these wheels support side-to-side "dipping" while cornering. These wheels are the secret to maintaining level grade.
Quick Hitch Compatible

Quick Hitch Compatible:

This product is designed for use with a tractor that has a rear 3-point lift connection and is built to ASAE category 1 standards. Additionally, it is quick hitch compatible which makes connecting the implement to the tractor faster, easier, and safer. ABI recommends the use of a quick hitch system not only for its speed and ease of use, but also for its increased operator safety during the connection and disconnection process. This product is quick hitch compatible, the quick hitch system itself (and required adapter bushings) can be purchased separately from your local tractor dealer.
36 Month Limited Warranty

36-Month Warranty:

We build equipment with commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship, so you can rest assured it will last a very long time. And to back that up, we offer a 36-month limited warranty on this product. That's right, this product is designed for daily use, is built tough enough for commercial applications, and is backed by the longest standard consumer/commercial warranty we are aware of in the industry! See warranty documentation for details.

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Optional Equipment

TR3 Profiler

"Profiler" System:

The "Profiler" works with the TR3 and slices parallel to the base material eliminating all ridging in a single pass; saving time and further protecting the longevity of the horse. The standard TR3 utilizes perpendicular scarifiers to power through all hard packed footing, however alone it may take multiple passes and varying drag patterns to eliminate ridging. The power of the TR3 combined with the finesse and accuracy of the "Profiler" option team up to set a new standard in professional arena footing management.
TR3 Rake Rolling Basket

"Rolling Basket" System:   Click Here For Video >>

The "Rolling Basket" is an ideal option for those that need to repack the surface after grooming or to breakup significant dirt clods. Most commonly those partcipating in speed events such as barrel racing, roping and other rodeo events find the benefits of this basket the most useful. The rolling basket stabilizes, breaks up clumps of footing, resets the arena below the surface and keeps the top few inches of footing loose to give horses the "grip" they need for speed. This basket is NOT a standard lightweight basket found on many competitors tools that can bounce, clog and plow rendering them ineffective. This is also NOT a roller or packer found on many tools that pack can only roll the top surface. Both the standard basket and roller/packer, found on competitor's, equipment have fundamental flaws that this design corrects. The rolling basket has twisted 2.54cm rods. Unlike competitors straight rods, the TR3 rolling basket's rods are twisted and keep the basket rolling smoothly, preventing the basket from clogging, bouncing and plowing material. This design also allows the basket to firm the footing 2.54 - 5.08cm below the surface, not on top, giving the rider the ideal amount of cushion and stability.
TR3 Hydraulic Toplink

Hydraulic Top Link:

This option is a must for operators that will use the TR3 for land reclamation and landscaping applications. This cylinder takes the place of the traditional turn knuckle and gives the operator the ability to change the position of the TR3 without getting off the tractor and manually making adjustments.
Rail Blade

Rail/Edge Blade:

The rail blade attaches by two bolts to the leveling blade. The shovel cuts into the built up material around the rail or wall of an arena and pulls the material into the leveling blade to be redistributed throughout the arena. This eliminates hours of back breaking work. Works great to push back grasses and weeds that begin to overgrow into gravel roads and ball diamonds. Also pulls displaced material back into the road.
Blade Teeth

Blade Teeth:

The blade teeth are used mostly in the landscaping industry and mount below the leveling blade. They extend 5.08cm below the grade. The teeth allow loose sand to flow through as 5.08cm and larger rocks and debris collect in the blade.

Extra Long Scarifier Shanks:

The standard 22.9cm scarifier shanks can be swapped out for 30.5cm shanks; this enables the operator to rip 22.9cm deep. This may be needed to prepare for some barrel racing events. Every discipline has varying requirements. Always know how deep the arena footing material is.



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