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Gravel Rascal® The Teeth For Tough Work

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Driveway Grader & Utility Tool For Property Owners For Quad and Sub & Compact Tractors

The Gravel Rascal combines scarifying teeth, a landscaping rake, soil pulverizer and a rear grading blade into one patented attachment. Like it's bigger 3-point-tractor brother, the TR3®, the Gravel Rascal is a complete one-tool-does-it-all solution for ground preparation work on your property. With the Gravel Rascal's teeth for tough work and commercial-quality construction, you can grade driveways & parking lots, repair rutted trails, prep for seeding lawns & pastures, groom horse arenas and much more. NO OTHER Quad TOOL MAKES QUICKER WORK OF DRIVEWAYS, POTHOLES, WASHOUTS, & TOUGH WORK AROUND YOUR PROPERTY!


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Ripping Teeth:

The adjustable rippers give the Gravel Rascal the teeth it needs to break up most any hardpan surface. The ripping teeth are adjustable from 0 - 17.8cm to get to the bottom of the most demanding jobs, even potholes! They enable the Gravel Rascal to be used to maintain gravel driveways, parking lots, prep seedbeds, maintain trails, maintain food plots & so much more! The rigid design, and angle of penetration into the ground, delivers exceptional aggressiveness not match by any other Quad tool available. The tips are replaceable for reduced maintenance cost.

Profile Blades:

ABI's patent-pending Profile Blades are an innovative subsurface cutting component that temporarily replaces the ripping teeth and is used for 3 specialized purposes. First, it is used for conditioning the dirt (footing) of a horse riding arena. Second, it is used on baseball and softball infield surfaces. Third, it is used on driveways, after they have been significantly loosened, to remove remaining ridging and cut vegetation at the root level. The Profile Blades are only used for finesse dirt work.

Pivoting Rake - Pulverize, Grade, Rake, & Finish:

By adjusting the rear manual jack, the Gravel Rascal's, 1.27cm think hardened steel, rake can pivot up to 90° into a variety of finishing and grading positions. This adjustability enables the rake to pulverize clods of material, level and finish (with adjustability for varying material flow properties), spread loose material from a small pile, grade (by cutting already loosened material and dragging into low areas), and collect loosened surface rocks & other debris. The rake can additionally be adjusted completely out-of-play if unneeded for a particular job. This functionality enables the Gravel Rascal to beautifully finish gravel driveways and parking lots, collect and refill accessible washed-out gravel material, leave a perfect uncompressed seedbed, and even break-up aeration cores and manure in a pasture. While grading is possible without additional options, we HIGHLY recommend the optional electric actuator to control the wheel-lift system from the seat of the tow vehicle. This option greatly enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the Gravel Rascal for "cut-&-fill" grading and spreading applications. The rake is replaceable in one foot sections to reduce maintenance costs.

Patented Wheel-Lift System:

With the Gravel Rascal's patented wheel-lift system, the operator is in complete control! Without the wheel-lift system, pull behind implements are uncontrollable. The wheel-lift system is operated with a standard manual jack on top of the Gravel Rascal. Turning this jack raises and lowers the wheels, which in turn, raises and lowers the frame and ground contact points of the Gravel Rascal. This system may also be operated from the seat of the tow vehicle with the optional electric actuator (as shown). The wheel-lift system serve 3 purposes. First, it enables the tool to be lifted off the ground for easy transport all around the property. Second, it allows the operator to gauge or control the max depth of penetration into the surface. When the surface is extremely hard, the wheels may be raised "out-of-play" to allow the full weight of the tool to be placed on the ground contact components for more aggressive penetration. Third, when the wheels are all the way down, and the frame is lifted into the air, this allows for easy swapping out of underbelly components such as the ripper teeth and profile blades.

Large Stabilizing & Transport Wheels:

The large 41.9cm tall x 20.3cm wide tires are a critical part of the patented "Wheel Lift System" and serve four important functions. First, they allow for quick and easy transport, over most any terrain, even at moderate speeds to get around the property quickly. Second, they stabilize the Gravel Rascal from pitching side-to-side ensuring consistency of grooming depth, the width of the unit, especially when maneuvering tight turns. Third, they enable the Gravel Rascal to "float" on loosened or wet material to minimize "sinking" into these soft material situations, which otherwise would alter grooming depth. This is a common problem for most competitive groomers. Forth, they gauge or control how deep the ground contact components go into the ground and hold a consistent grooming depth. When it come to tires, size matters. The taller and wider the tire is, the more stable a pull behind implement will be. These are high quality wheels with replaceable hubs, spindles, and bearings for long service life. These are not cheap caster wheels like are found on many competitive Quad tools.

Commercial-Quality Construction:

At the core of the Gravel Rascal is a welded main frame built upon 7.6cm x 7.6cm tube steel. The frame is fully welded, except at pivoting joints, for rugged and long lasting service life. Every component of the Gravel Rascal is truly commercial grade built to take the abuse of hours of daily use. Commercial-quality construction and design excels when other tools fail. The Gravel Rascal is the toughest and most versatile Quad tool on the market.

Ground Contact Pitch Adjustment:

The turn-knuckle on the top of the Gravel Rascal is designed to enable adjustment over the angle in which the ground engaging components come in contact with the ground. This adjustment allows the operator to control the pitch of the ripping teeth and profile blade for a verity of applications and soil types. This feature is also a very handy, no tools required, way to adjust pitch for varying hitch heights of tow vehicles.
36 Month Limited Warranty

36-Month Warranty:

We build equipment with commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship, so you can rest assured it will last a very long time. And to back that up, we offer a 36-month limited warranty on this product. See warranty documentation for details.

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Optional Equipment

Electric Actuator:

This industrial grade actuator is powerful, rugged and finely tuned for easy operation of the Rascal from the seat of the tow vehicle. It is most commonly used to lift the tool for transport, raise the tool for tight turns over areas you do not want to disturb, to cut-&-fill grade material, and to set the depth of the ripping teeth or profile blades. While grading is possible without additional options, we HIGHLY recommend this electric actuator to control the wheel-lift system from the seat of the tow vehicle. This option greatly enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the Rascal for "cut-&-fill" grading and spreading applications. It includes all hardware and wireing needed to attach to a 12v battery and has a very convenient handlebar mounted controller. This controller enables easy operation while keeping both hands on the handlebars of the quad. An optional wireless remote controller is also available. A manual crank jack is standard.

Wireless Remote For Actuator:

The wireless remote upgrade works with any ABI actuator purchased after June 1st 2013. Now you can control the Rascal's wheel-lift-system from almost anywhere. Our wireless system has 2 key chain, all weather sealed, remote controllers for use with multiple tow vehicles or multiple operators at the same job site. This complete wireless kit offers easy plug-&-play installation.

3-Point Conversion Kit:

With the ever expanding popularity of the sub-compact and mid-compact tractor market, ABI is proud to offer a 3-point option that converts the standard Rascal for Quad into the ultimate 3-point tool for small tractors. As most experienced land owners know, 3-point tools are more efficient and effective than pull behind tools. Now Rascal owners, that also own the 3-point option, have the choice between the convenience of a pull behind tool or the efficiency of a 3 - point tool all in one piece of equipment. Perhaps the most innovative aspect of this option is that in under 1 minute the user may swap between a pull behind tool for Quad or a 3-point tool for tractors with no tools required. This amazing versatility for one tool to work with both Quad and tractors is ideal for land owners that prefer to use a different tow vehicle for varying jobs. The Rascal 3-Point option brings Profile Blade Technology, ripper teeth and a pivoting finishing and grading rake to the small tractor market at an affordable price. This option fits existing Rascal models that have a removable tow bar tongue. Compatible with both category 0 and 1 3-point hitch types for tractors under 35 horse power.
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Weight Rack / Attachments Carrier:

This option serves a dual purpose depending on the application for use. First, although most customers will not need it, this option enables 18.1 - 36.3 kg of additional weight to be added to the Gravel Rascal. Additional weight can help to loosen extremely hard surfaces. The actual weights are sold separately at local tractor supply stores. This bracket is designed to hold up to two 18.1kg tractor weights. Second, this options is a Finishing Attachments Carrier that holds the optional drag mat or broom off the ground for easy transport.

Edge Blade:

The edge blade is used to pull material off the edge of a driveway or horse arena back into the tool so it may be redistributed. The Edge blade are available in left side and right side versions. Quad owners can easily use either version, however side-by-side UTV owners will want the left side version for better visability.



Part #:
Working Width:
Unit Weight:
Min. Horsepower:
18 hp
20 hp
25 hp
30 hp
Min. CC:
Hitch Type:
(Optional 5.08cm Ball)
(Optional 5.08cm Ball)
(Optional 5.08cm Ball)
(Optional 5.08cm Ball)
3-Point Hitch:
(For CAT 0 & I)
(For CAT 0 & I)
(For CAT 0 & I)
(For CAT 0 & I)
Finish Color:
Black Gloss
Black Gloss
Black Gloss
Black Gloss
Powder Coating:
Pricing & specifications are subject to change without notice.
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