What Is Profile Blade™ Technology?
Profile Blade™ Technology is a radical shift in the way horse arenas are maintained. Instead of using traditional teeth or tines, Profile Blade™ Technology, incorporates a subsurface cutting blade and stabilizing wheels for the purpose of conditioning 100% of the profile, both width and depth, of the area footing on every pass. The stabilizing wheels hold the subsurface blade at a consistent depth while the "profile blades" slice through the footing material removing dangerous footing compaction layers. Similar in concept to a sod cutting blade,
"profile blades" cut parallel to the arena grade.

So, instead of "ripping" through footing with perpendicular teeth these "profile blades" slice through the footing in quarter inch increments and loosen the footing as deep as six inches. Now with every pass, the arena rake loosens 100% of the footing! This saves an enormous amount of time because the driver no longer has to make two or three passes over the same footing with different patterns! "Profile blades" create a perfectly smooth base and
Profile Blade

consistently loosened and soft top footing layer.

Profile Blade™ Technology is exclusively available on the complete line of ABI and Kiser arena rakes. It is standard equipment on the Kiser DragMaster®, Kiser Edge®, & Rascal Pro™ and is optional on the TR3® Rake.
Kiser Edge
Kiser Dragmaster

Why Every Horse Deserves It
Did you know 80% of all soundness related injuries are due to poor arena footing, and that arena footing affects the performance and longevity of the horse? As a result ABI Equine, and Kiser Arena Specialists, have launched an "Arena Revolution" to radically change the way horse arenas are maintained!

It is no longer acceptable to ask more from our horses and NOT do everything possible to protect them from injury. It does not matter the cost of the horse, they all deserve to be trained and compete in the safest arena possible. For everything our horses give us, we owe them that much.

Maintaining an arena with miniatures field cultivators can no longer be accepted. While s-tines, chain rakes, spinners, rods and other homemade harrows may create a smooth looking top surface they actually hide "Dangers Below The Surface"!

When hooves impact the ground they penetrate through the top footing layer compressing that material to the base.
Over time, if the rake cannot consistently eliminate these thousands of compressions, the base will form hard high and low spots. This leads to inconsistent foot fall that is similar to the feeling of taking, what one thinks to be, the final step off a stairway and realizing there is one more step to go! The use of traditional ineffective grooming methods literally covers over and hides these high and low spots. The arena looks safe to humans, but the horse either already knows, or will soon discover, it is not. Even if this inconsistency does not injure the horse, in many cases it can,
it will force the horse to think more carefully about it?s foot fall first and the cues of the rider second; reducing performance and training effectiveness. "Profile blades" eliminate this problem by removing these compression areas on the base and provides the safe arena every horse deserves.

Profile Blade™ Technology can help lower vet costs, improve training effectiveness, improve overall performance, increase the longevity of the horse and save time dragging the arena.
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