Rascal LGR
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Rascal LGR™ - Quad Rake

Offers versatile ground preparation for any budget!

The Rascal LGR™ is a versatile quad rake for round pen, driveway and pasture maintenance. It is a more affordable scaled-down version of the Rascal Pro™. The Rascal LGR™ enables the operator to loosen, grade and rake the ground all with one innovative attachment. Easily eliminate potholes and washouts on driveways. Groom a small horse arena or round pen. Maximize seed to soil contact in seedbed preparation for lawns and pastures. The Rascal LGR™ has 5 adjustable loosening teeth, a 1.52m wide adjustable angle finishing rake and is controlled by the patented wheel lift system. The ground contact angle may be adjusted for more or less loosening or raking action. Assembly Required.

Rascal LGR

Small Horse Arenas & Round Pens

Proper arena footing maintenance is essential to the wellbeing of both horse and rider. The Rascal LGR™ is designed with the ability to loosen compacted arena footing, with the adjustable ripper teeth, and then rake it smooth with the back finishing rake. Not only will Rascal LGR™ make the arena look beautiful, but it will also help ensure a safe riding surface.

Driveway & Lot Maintenance

In order to solve a pothole problem you must get to the bottom of it. The only effective way to remove a pothole is to rip apart the sidewall that shapes it. If you simply push material into the pothole, vehicles and the elements will push it back out again in no time. The Rascal LGR™ incorporates large adjustable ripper teeth that can breakup hardpan surfaces to not only fill in potholes but also eliminate the compacted sidewall to truly remove the pothole. The back finishing rake then breaks up dirt clods and smooth out the driveway or lot to a beautiful finish.
Rascal LGR
Rascal LGR

Pasture Maintenance

Proper pasture maintenance ensures vigorous grass growth and a reduction of invasive weeds. An eco-balanced pasture can reduce feed costs and help prevent colic in horses. The Rascal LGR™ can assist in pasture maintenance in two 2 primary ways. The first is to breakup and more evenly distribute manure left on a pasture. This process eliminates manure clumps that create holes in pasture grasses. Additionally, it exposes more manure to the sun which reduces parasite eggs/fly larva and allows the manure to decompose far more quickly. Secondly, the Rascal LGR™ can easily prepare a seedbed for effective reseeding of bare patches.

Seedbed Preparation

When installing or repairing a lawn, pasture or food plot it is important to loosen the ground at least 50mm deep. In order for gemination to take place you must have good seed to soil contact. The roots must have a place to grow. With the large adjustable ripper teeth of the Rascal LGR™ it is easy to create a 50mm deep seedbed. Additionally, the back finishing rake helps to level out loosened material for a smooth looking seedbed before seeding. After seeding, it can even be used to help press seed into the ground for better seed to soil contact.
Rascal LGR

Innovative & Patented Design

The Rascal LGR™ holds 2 patents and is designed with many of the same great features found in its "big brother" the Rascal Pro™. This innovative design allows the operator to loosen, rake, groom & pulverize the ground all at the same time! No other competitors quad attachment can do all this simultaneously. The Rascal LGR™ was designed with ease of use in mind. Anyone that is of age and properly skilled in operative an quad may operate this attachment.

Drop Pin Hitch

The Rascal LGR™ is equipped with a drop pin hitch for easy and safe connection and usage. The benefit of the pin hitch is in it's safety. Unlike some hitch types, rough undulating terrain will not cause this hitch to become disconnected from the tow vehicle. There is no guess work here. This hitch type is the most visual way to ensure a proper secure connection to the tow vehicle.

Transport & Gauge Wheels (Solid Rubber)

Transporting the Rascal LGR™ from storage to work site is now a breeze, with no manhandling or muscle required. Simply lower the wheels with hand crank jack and drive to your work site. These wheels also enable easy turning and direction change anywhere you don't want to penetrate the ground. To enable consistent level travel to control how deeply or aggressively the Rascal LGR™ penetrates the ground, simply lower the wheels to track on the ground for operation. This stabilizes the attachments and offers the operator much more control.

Adjustable Ripping Teeth

The ripping teeth of the Rascal LGR™ are adjustable from 0mm - 177.8mm to get to the bottom of most potholes/washouts and breakup most any hardpan dirt or gravel surface. The large size and strength of these ripping teeth enable the operator great versatility to tackle a variety of demanding jobs. The loosening depth of the rippers are independently adjustable from the frame. This enables the Rascal LGR™ to loosen the ground at the depth desired while preventing unwanted displacement and repacking of material. Replaceable bolt on tips for reduced maintenance cost.

Finish/Grading Rake (1.52m Wide)

As material is loosened the back rake evenly redistributes it and pulverizes/breaks-up the clumps of material leaving a beautiful signature finish in all material types. No drag mat required. Using the top turn-knuckle the rake may be pitched downward to pull larger amounts of material into low spots. This rake is made of 12.7mm hardened steel for long life and is replaceable in sections.

Ground Contact Adjustment (Rake & Ripping Teeth)

The top gold turn-knuckle on the Rascal LGR™ enables the operator to adjust the ground contact angle of the rippers and back rake to achieve the desired affect for a variety of jobs. The turn-knuckle turned all the way "IN" enables only the rippers to contact the ground. The turn-knuckle turned all the way "OUT" enables only the back rake to contact the ground. The turn-knuckle in the center enables both rippers and rake to contact the ground. This adjustment also enable the rippers to be pitch at a 40 degree angle, which is ideal to penetrate hardened ground.
Part #
Finish Width
Unit Weight
Assembly Required
Yes - Tools Required
19.1mm, 12.7mm & 28.6mm Sockets &
Up to 28.6mm Adjustable Wrench
Assembly Time
Under 20 minutes
Steel Thickness
6.4mm - 12.7mm
203.2mm x 63.5mm Solid Rubber
# of Rippers
Loosening Depth
127mm (max 177.8mm)
Hardened Steel - Replaceable
Finish Rake
12.7mm Thick Hardened Steel
Min. Horsepower
Min. C.C.
350cc 4WD
Hitch Type
Finish Color
Black Gloss
Powder Coating
1 Year Limited
"The LGR Rascal is absolutely perfect, ABI is a great company with Great service and I love your products. I use my LGR every day and it does what I want it to every time. It is the perfect tool for me." - Oren
"This thing is amazing. Its extremely well built and is engineered to do an outstanding job. My father and I were so impressed with it we'd thought about going into business just fixing driveways with it." - Kevin
"The LGR Rascal works Great. It?s easy to use and is very heavy duty for its size. We couldn?t be happier. I haven?t had one problem with it." - Mike
"Thanks for all your assistance on the Rascal LGR. It works great! It has cut my gravel cost this year in half and will probably not need any for several years now!" - Scott
"Just bought the Rascal LGR. Got it put together & is absolutely ideal for what I wanted. Thanks for your directions & help." Great product! - Stan
"I couldn?t have imagined a better tool for the job tha the Rascal LGR." - Jeff
"The Rascal LGR is an amazing tool. I use it for everything on the farm. It?s simple to connect and take off of my 4 wheeler so my wife can still ride without the hassle of taking it off. ABI has great service and got me my tool quickly. My wife and I couldn?t be happier." - Kevin
"The LGR is well-designed and sturdy piece of equipment" - Steven
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